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Call My Wine Bluff


This event is perfect for fund raising and it should be possible to make a healthy 4 figure sum for your charity or event. Equally as a corporate event it is the perfect ice breaker for groups of people coming together for the first time or for team building exercises.

















Call My Wine Bluff is a hugely entertaining show pitting the wits, wine knowledge and intuition of the audience against the lying, devious and cheating expertise of the panel.

With none of the pomp and ceremony usually associated with wine tasting Call My Wine Bluff is an opportunity to taste (and drink!) 6 wines in a competitive atmosphere. Its the games when you "Think while you drink"

Call My Wine Bluff is a game of 6 rounds ideally with an audience of between 80 and 150 divided into tables of 8 or 10. Each table is given a covered bottle so there is no opportunity of seeing the label. The panel of 3 each give an amusing, informative and highly convincing description of the wine. Two of the panel are unashamedly lying through their teeth whilst the other is telling the truth. The table teams have to decide which of the panel is innocent of such deception. 5 points are awarded for guessing the correct wine and bonus points can be picked up for guessing the retail price.

As the rounds progess the audience, by this time enjoying the effect of the wine, are no longer basing their decisions on cold logic or sound knowledge. Instead they are beginning to realise how difficult it can be to identify the right wine.

The winning captain is then introduced to the art of removing a champagne cork with a sabre.


Ted Sandbach

Ted is the owner and MD of The Oxford Wine Company, currently " UK Wine Retailer of the Year". A former minor county cricketer and 1st class rugby player Ted gave up teaching  to pursue his passion for wine. The company is based on a thriving wholesale business and now employs over 30 people.It also has shops in Oxford, Witney, Cirencester and Tetbury

Robin Shuckburgh 

Robin was a wine merchant for many years before selling his business and is now a hotelier and journalist. He combines his wine expertise with his experience of living abroad to bring an entertaining insight to the great wine regions of the world.

Mike Read

The former presenter of 'Top of the Pops'  and 'Saturday Superstore' is a regular panel member. He has written many musicals and top ten hits and recently appeared on 'I'm a celebrity - get me out of here'. He is heavily involved in music production and is also involved in all aspects of the media.

Julian White

A former Gurkha Julian is a huge character and can be both hilarious, convincing and rather risque. Although semi retired from the wine business he is acknowledged as one of the leading experts on the wines of Burgundy. He is currently UK Ambassador of the Champagne Order the " Confrerie de Sabre d'Or"  

Neil Phillips

After working for a large wine company Neil set up his own consultancy business and is also a journalist and presenter. Known as" The Wine Tipster" after his love of racing he writes regularly for wine publications and is heavily involved in wine promotion and education.



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